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Vegan Hints and Tips

e know full well, it can often be really hard to take the leap and try out something new, even on a menu, never mind a different foodie lifestyle! We're all guilty of getting stuck in our ways and it takes a whole lotta effort to venture out and try something new. Especially when it's the concept of going vegan, even if you really want to! It's easy to understand why… the vegan way of life is often wrongly positioned as boring and difficult. We get it, why would you even try?

Well that's what we aim to tell you – why? Why you should go on and give it a go, dive whole-heartedly into the world of vegan cooking, whether it be for a day, a week, a month or a lifetime. The Vegan Society and the people behind Veganuary are doing fantastic work encouraging people to take the leap, showing endless amazing and easy ways to make a vegan diet work in your homes, so we'd highly recommend checking out their sites and social feeds for advice and inspiration galore.

We want to help too! We contacted some of the best vegan minds out there, bloggers and avid vegans alike - and asked them to offer up their very best tips and hints that will help make that transition all the more easy for you. We hope that these encouraging words of advice will help you gain a more personal view of all things vegan to shape your decision, whatever it may be!

  1. "If you're interested in trying a vegan lifestyle, you don't have to do it alone. There are a huge amount of free resources available online, so be sure you take full advantage of them. Social media is a fantastic way to connect with the vegan community. You'll find so much support and a never ending supply of inspiration. Thanks to Twitter, I'm in touch with thousands of compassionate, animal-loving people. It feels wonderful to be part of a global community that shares the same values as me." Sharon - Bit of the Good Stuff
  2. "When you first get started, the list of ingredients you feel you need can easily be overwhelming. A better place to start is to consider which of the foods you already eat are vegan and slowly start experimenting with substitutes. Experimenting with multiple use ingredients will help keep your shopping list a bit shorter - for example, coconut oil can be used in baking and raw desserts as well as for frying, so it makes sense to invest in one tub rather than multiple less versatile options." Natalie - The Tofu Diaries
  3. "Be adventurous! One of the key mistakes people make when they first move into a plant-based lifestyle is they eat just as they did before, only without the animal products. So a meat and two veg dinner, suddenly turns into two veg and nothing else - not only is it boring, it's also not very satisfying or filling. Instead, try and be creative, have fun and be adventurous. When I started, I made myself try a new fruit, vegetable or legume every single week, creating a scrumptious recipe with each and every product I purchased. I realised that my diet had actually been quite limited when I was still including lots of animal based products and my move into a plant-based lifestyle meant I was eating more varied food than I'd ever done before." Kimberly - The Little Plantation
  4. "Changing to a vegan diet is always a talking point. As creatures of habit, change does take us by surprise and your friends and family will need time to adjust to your new choices too. So, why not invite your mates round for a delicious vegan feast? Not only will they see your commitment but also get a chance to try some tasty cruelty-free fare." Chava – Flavour Photos
  5. "Ring ahead before dining in restaurants to ask if they can cater for you, don't be surprised if they ask what you eat! Many a time I've had to advise what a vegan eats and does not eat and even suggest what to cook for me! Show gratitude when they cater for your diet choice, they will be more than happy to do this again in the future for you or another vegan. Spread the word that we're not hard to cater for. The internet is also a great source of information, most chain restaurants have an allergy sheet which will outline the ingredients used in dishes. Wagamama and Yo Sushi are prime examples where you wouldn't expect vegans to be catered for, how wrong you would be!" Jasmine - Self Sufficient Café

Hope all these lovely hints and tips have made a difference and you'll be spurred on to give it a try and go it Vegan!

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