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Introducing...Tin & Thyme

Hi, I'm Choclette, a vegetarian recipe developer and food blogger at Tin and Thyme. I'm delighted to be working with Cranks once again and contributing a couple of autumnal recipes. Cranks has been one of my favourite places to eat since I was a teenager and the recipe books have had an influence on my culinary direction over the years. I've been cooking with wholefoods since I was first able to grasp a wooden spoon. The resurgence of interest in healthy eating has meant whole foods are rising in popularity once again. Hooray.

My recipe for roasted squash, pepper and leek tart with a walnut spelt crust is my go to dish when I have friends over for dinner at this time of year. It's colourful, very tasty and has a wide nutritional profile. The pumpkin or squash used in the tart makes it a good fit for both Halloween and Bonfire Night.

It's well worth taking the time to prepare this tart; it can be assembled hours before the final bake, making it ideal for popping into the oven just as your guests arrive. Traditionally, wholemeal dough is very crumbly and somewhat difficult to deal with. However, I use yoghurt to bind my pastry, which not only gives a good flavour, but makes it a dream to roll out, even when it contains walnuts.

Of course, you don't have to go with the vegetables and herbs I've included in this tart; you can use whatever is seasonal and you have to hand. I happen to have a plentiful supply of rosemary growing in the garden, so that finds its way into a lot of my recipes. Likewise you can substitute your favourite cheese for the goat's cheese I've used. One of my favourites is beetroot, sage and red onion which works particularly well with blue cheese.

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