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Hints and Tips Blog for First Time Veggies

A big part of our love for a proper veggie lifestyle is not only the fab nature loving ingredients but also the great & passionate group of followers. We've always thought it was one of the most kind and caring communities of people who take no qualm in stopping to share a piece of friendly advice with a veggie newbie.

Inspired by this & this year's National Vegetarian week theme, we thought it was only fair to give a platform to all those stories and bits and pieces of kind words. That's exactly why we asked some fellow blogger friends to share their own top hints or tips that have been passed on to them over the years or when they first started out.

Veggie Hints & Tips

From those we have pulled together our top five, so make sure you have a look and hopefully this will spur you on with your veggie mission!

1.) Optimistic Outlook

Stop for a minute and remember you are making a really positive change, it's something to be proud of. "Once you decide to become vegetarian, start thinking positively about it. It is a complete lifestyle change so do take it one step at a time. Think about all the foods you can eat rather than what you cannot. Look out for seasonal foods as they will be at top quality and half the price. Try out new fruits and vegetables and try out new flavours using different herbs and spices." – Give Me Some Spice

2.) Slow & steady win's the race

Turning veggie is different for everyone, the change can often be a huge step & quite a challenge, so make sure you do what is right for you. "I started reducing my meat consumption by cutting out beef and lamb first, which I was never really keen on, followed by pork, and finally chicken and fish. This happened as a gradual process over several years. Back in the 1980s and 90s, there were very few meat substitutes available. Nowadays, as there are so many vegetarian and vegan products available, so I'm sure it will be easier now for you to make a faster transition." - We Don't Eat Anything With A Face

3.) Small Changes

"The amount of recipes and inspiration out there as a first-time veggie is enormous (I honestly wish the internet had been around when I first became a vegetarian!), but also potentially overwhelming. A great way to start the transition to meat-free diet is to take stock of what you already eat and cook; how much of it is accidentally vegetarian? Use these meals as your base and slowly begin to explore new dishes, adding to your repertoire over time. Before you know it, you'll have a huge array of familiar meals to choose from!" - The Tofu Diaries

4.) Preparation is Key

You will find things become a whole lot easier when mealtimes start slotting into place. The hardest part is getting started & planning will make this a lot easier. "Start by planning a week's menu and shop accordingly. Once you have planned your week's menu don't wait until you are hungry to start cooking. Once you have the ingredients and menus planned - keep some dishes ready prepared or cooked so that you have something to look forward to for lunch or dinner. See how you manage a week at a time." – Give Me Some Spice

5.) Prior Warning

It's not uncommon for people to feel daunted by a veggie guest or for you to feel awkward when advising them of your dietary needs, but don't worry you needn't fear. "Tell people ahead of dining with them that you are now vegetarian so that they are aware when you are ordering food or if they are cooking for you. Ensure you advise people that fish/seafood based food items aren't vegetarian & don't ever be afraid of challenging a restaurant with regards to their vegetarian offerings - reputable places will do their best accommodate your requirements." – Word in Veg Ways

6.) Don't Give Up

Giving your lifestyle a full overhaul isn't easy. Often, when you've been a veggie for countless years we can forget how hard it was when we first started out. There will of course be some mistakes and you might struggle with temptation but please don't punish yourself for it. Just get up the next day, brush yourself off and start a fresh. We are all human remember! - Cranks

If you are looking even more advice then make sure you hop over to our vegan specific hints and tips blog or head on over to the National Vegetarian Week page where there are a whole host of fellow veggie stories to flick through to your hearts content.

Hopefully all of this advice will be the exact remedy you need to get you started on your meat reducing journey. Whether it takes a week, a month or a few years, any step is a step forward into proper veggie living. Don't fear, just embrace it & enjoy!

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