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Best and Worst Experiences Blog

We know at Cranks that vegetarianism isn't a choice for everyone, but in turn we also believe that everyone should give it a go at least once, even just to understand how utterly lovely Mother Nature's food can be. Whether for life, a meal or even just to accommodate a friend or family members dietary requirements. We feel that it is part of our job as veggie pioneers to encourage this veggieducation! (Yes, we may have just made that word up!)

Too long veggies have suffered at the hands of unprepared chefs or clueless restaurateurs. A few years ago most veggie loving fans would probably have just shrugged at the sight of a single bland salad option on a menu, but we think enough is enough! Times are changing and some of the biggest restaurant chains around are getting with it, Pret even has plans for their very own Pop up Veggie Pret for later this year. What a great improvement!

That being said we thought it might be amusing & ever so slightly comical to look back and recall some of the best & worst experiences we've been through over the years. We've roped in some of our blogger friends & they will be recalling some of their worst mealtime travesties but also some of their best foodie moments, highlighting a sign of greater things to come! We hope you enjoy & can laugh along with us!

The Worst Veggie Moments


"Whilst on holiday in USA, I went into a fast food chain and asked for a veggieburger and all I got given was a cheese burger with the meat removed! They didn't even understand why I was complaining when I said that my burger didn't have a veggieburger!"- Give Me Some Spice

Veggie options indeed!

"Travelling as a veggie brings its fair share of challenges, so it's always a delight when there are meat-free options on the menu. It doesn't always go accordingly to plan however... When travelling in Vietnam, I was delighted to spot some vegetarian pho on the menu in a small café. Once the bowl arrived, however, I spotted tiny pink cubes of ham floating in the broth. I alerted the lady serving it that I had ordered the vegetarian pho. She nodded in recognition and dashed off to the kitchen... only to return with a pair of chopsticks and a tiny bowl and began to fish out the cubes of ham for me, placing them into the extra bowl. Knowing that was the best I was going to get, and that I had a long bus journey coming soon with no time to grab anything else, I took over from there!" - The Tofu Diaries

Choices, Choices, Choices

"A couple of places have offered me simply a 'salad' as a vegetarian option. I've asked what does that come with? Response: Salad. Another venue, similarly offered me 'rice' which came with 'rice'. Humph....." – Word in Veg Ways

£20 a head & still hungry

"I remember the work Christmas dinner costing around £20 a head. Two of us pre-booked the vegetarian option, not knowing what it was. All the meat eaters got the full works; we got vegetable soup, followed by cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and stir fried vegetables (no roast potatoes or gravy for us) and a fruit salad for desert, as the Christmas pud and mince pies contained animal suet. I went home hungry." – I Don't Eat Anything with a Face

The Best Veggie Moments

Going above & beyond

"On the other hand, I've had some great meals out, where chefs have gone out of their way to accommodate me and my dietary requirements. I'm lucky to live in an area with great Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants. If a dish I want isn't on the menu, most are happy to adapt other dishes to suit my whims. If you don't ask, you don't get!" – I Don't Eat Anything with a Face

Making effort goes a long way

"One of my best experiences has been when friends cook for you and they beam with pride when they tell you they've used different pans and utensils to cook your dinner with, proving they take your vegetarianism seriously and want to make sure you're happy when dining with them and that they're doing everything 'right'." – Word in Veg Ways

Top class food

"Probably my best experience was at the 1900 Park Fare restaurant in Disneyworld Florida. I booked a table and noted our requirements on the reservation. It turned out that renowned Chef TJ was in that day and he came out to talk to us personally before cooking the most amazing veggie meal, I've ever eaten." – I Don't Eat Anything with a Face

We hope you enjoyed this little throwback & next time those negative situations may arise you can rise above it, take a moment to realise it happens to us all & they may just be a bit clueless. Just smirk to yourself, think of the good times & realise the veggieducation will reach everyone eventually!


We choose these stories because they are real life situations that have effected most of us over the years. Make sure you keep sharing all your stories with us as well over on our Facebook page or Twitter. We even have a cranked up competition which finishes this week to encourage even more of your to share your experiences. So make sure you share & you could win 1/5 £50 Abel & Cole vouchers.

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