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Amuse Your Bouche

Becca Pusey is a freelance recipe developer and blogger. She shares her favourite recipes on her blog, Amuse Your Bouche, which has been named as one of the UK's top 10 food blogs. Becca has been veggie since the age of 9, when her stubborn streak took over and she decided she wanted to stop eating meat. She quickly fell in love with vegetarian food, and hasn't looked back since. She started Amuse Your Bouche in 2011, and enjoys spreading the veggie love!

Becca aims to show that vegetarian food can be just as exciting, delicious, and un-intimidating as anything else. Her recipes are simple and straightforward, and don't take long to prepare.

Some of the most popular recipes on Amuse Your Bouche include Becca's slow cooker burrito bowls, her quick red Thai curry noodle soup, and her slow cooker mushroom stroganoff.

Tin and Thyme

Tin and Thyme started life as a chocolate blog back in 2009. It was a way of encouraging Choclette to extend her repertoire of recipes and explore her fascination with chocolate. After six years of charting the world of chocolate, it was time to move on. Tin and Thyme reflects Choclette's long standing dedication to delicious and nutritious vegetarian food. Tales of Cornish produce, producers and various foodie outings continue to feature and chocolate has not been forgotten.

Food has always been one of Choclette's passions. Her mother was a good cook using wholefood ingredients and vegetables grown in the garden. Having a firm foundation to build on, she likes to explore new methods and ingredients and develops recipes using novel, fermented and foraged foods as well as traditional ones. Whilst she has a sweet tooth and enjoys baking, she likes to think there is a nutritious element to all of her recipes.

Earlier in the year, she was awarded Best Food Blogger 2016 in the prestigious Food Reader Awards. This combined with one of her recipes being published in the new edition of The Cranks Bible – yes those Cashew Nut Butter Brownies - makes her feel that all her endeavours are bearing fruit.

The Veg Space

The Veg Space started as an occasional hobby for Kate Ford back in 2011, but it wasn't until a mention in The Guardian's 'Top 10 Vegetarian Blogs' article in 2014 - tipping her blog traffic over the edge - that Kate started blogging more regularly about veggie and vegan food.

With the firm belief that there's an awful lot of people out there who would really like to eat less meat, but are so used to cooking with it that they struggle to know where to start with meat-free meals, Kate's blog is all about giving people a few ideas for tasty and comforting food which happen not to contain meat.

Steering clear of obscure health-food-shop ingredients or 'fake meat' products, (with occasional exceptions), The Veg Space serves up naturally meat-free meals which are 'ludicrously tasty' in their own right and make the most of fresh, seasonal and plant-based ingredients, like this slow cooked vegan borlotti bean chilli.

Thinly Spread

Thinly Spread began in 2010 as somewhere for blogger, Chris Mosler, to share her recipes and family adventures as a vegetarian family of six. It took off in ways she never expected; taking her to far flung places, to meet celebrities and politicians, to appear on TV and radio and to cook with celebrity chefs in fabulous kitchens. Writing for various magazines and websites (especially Cranks) has been a highlight too, allowing her to earn a living spreading the vegetarian word.

Vegetarianism is woven through Chris's family life and throughout Thinly Spread; passionate about cruelty free living and really good food, Chris' write about tasty, satisfying meals, snacks and bakes with everything from everyday tummy fillers to celebration showstoppers. Good, organic, seasonal, local veg cooked well is the most delicious thing and Chris loves sharing her passion for it with her readers. Vegetarian food is exciting, delicious, satisfying and comforting, especially when it comes served as a leek, courgette and herb risotto cake.