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Perfect Partnership

When it came to developing our range of jam-packed full of flavour breads, there was only one man for the job. In Richard Corrigan, award-winning chef patron of Corrigan's Mayfair and Chef Alliance Spokesperson of the Slow Food Movement, we knew we'd found a real champion of creating great tasting and carefully crafted foods – causes close to both our hearts.

The resultant love child of this very happy partnership was the addition of the scrumptious Hippity Homity, Carry on Carrot and Breaditerranean to our range of slow to rise loaves, and we couldn't be more proud.

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Richard Corrigan

Whether behind the pass at the AA acclaimed Corrigan's Mayfair or Bentleys in Piccadilly, on screen winning BBC2's Great British Menu or penning his farming family inspired cook book, Richard's dedication to using local and seasonal ingredients carries through all he does, heartily supporting artisan producers both in the UK and his native Ireland along the way.

Testament to this dedication is Richard's ongoing support of the Slow Food Movement, advocating great tasting, unadulterated food through promoting the farm to fork philosophy, and from the restaurants to his recipes, creating proper dishes that provide a real sense of place.

Using nature's finest ingredients and taking inspiration from classic British dishes, naturally his work with Cranks is no different. Seen in our classic vegetarian Homity Pie inspired cheese and potato bread and the pumpkin and carrot pie recipe lovingly created using our Carry on Carrot loaf, with Richard Corrigan we have created the freshest, most flavoursome loaves on the best food principles. Proper food, indeed.